Pool Rules

  1. At all times, parents are responsible for their children while on the premises including all pools.
  2. Only swimmers who have passed the swim test (Green Tag Test) are allowed in the Lower and Upper Main Pool, without restrictions.
  3. Non-swimmers (have not passed the swim test – Green Tag Test) age 10 & under are allowed in the Upper Main Pool within the roped off shallow area. When beyond the roped area, non-swimmers shall be accompanied by a qualified swimmer at least 16 years of age. Non-swimmers are not permitted in the Lower pool.
  4. Baby Pool is limited to non-swimming children, each of whom must be accompanied at all times by an adult. Babies with diapers must wear rubber pants over the diapers when in the pool. Lifeguards have the authority to remove any child that they feel is not being watched carefully.
  5. The diving well must be entered only from the diving board with only one person permitted on the board at a time. Diving from the sides of the diving well or swimming under the board is only allowed when authorized by the Club Manager or Lifeguard. No diving in the shallow areas of the pools.
  6. Floating aids of all kinds are prohibited except at times designated by the Club Manager.
  7. Anyone using the sliding board MUST be in the sitting position only.

Safety Rules

  1. All members, including children and their guests, use the pool and other Club facilities at their own risk. Adult members are responsible for making children familiar with Club rules. Members are responsible for the safety and conduct of their guests while on the premises of the club.
  2. The Club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
  3. Unauthorized use of facilities, theft or vandalism will be referred to the police.
  4. The Lifeguards are in complete charge of the pool facilities and their directions must be followed. Lifeguards can “bench” or evict anyone from the pool when, in the opinion of the guards, they are annoying others or are endangering themselves or others. “Bench” time will be served outside the pool area.
  5. Pushing, throwing or dunking anyone in the pool is prohibited, as are running, roughhousing, ball playing, etc. inside the fenced area, the picnic grove, or in the pools. NO gymnastic flips are allowed off the side of the pool.
  6. Only authorized personnel are permitted in the pump houses, storage sheds, and garage or Club office.
  7. Talking to the lifeguards or loitering at their stands is strictly prohibited. Members wishing to ask a question, or express a compliment, complaint Rev. 2/17/17 or concern, should do so only to the Club Manager or the Front Gate Guard on duty at the desk in the breezeway.
  8. Any injuries suffered anywhere on Club property must be immediately reported to a lifeguard on duty.
  9. Use of the pools may be denied to anyone with an infection or infectious illness or to anyone wearing bandages.
  10. No ball playing is permitted in the pool areas other than water basketball. Enforcement will be at the lifeguard or Club Manager’s discretion. Ball playing is permitted around the basketball court and 4-square areas only.
  11. Bicycles, skateboards and other conveyances are not allowed to be ridden anywhere on the Club property. Bicycles that are used as transportation to the Club must be parked in the designated area.
  12. Throwing a ball onto the roof is no longer permitted by the Club.